Gear Hobbing


Technical Specification

CAPACITY (INDIA) 10"(250 mm) 18"(450mm) 32"(800mm) 60"(1520mm)
Max.DP./Module 6DP/4 Mod 4DP/6Mod 3DP/8Mod 1.5DP/16Mod
Max. Work diameter with support 250MM 450mm 800mm 1520mm
Max Work dia without support 300mm 500mm 1000mm 180mm
Max diameter of the HOB 100mm 130mm 140mm 200mm
Max lenth of the HOB 100mm 100mm 150mm 250mm
Max helix Angle  45*  45*  45*  45*
Hob Spindle & Arbor Taper ISO-30 ISO-40 ISO-40 M.T.-4
Diameter of work table 250mm 420mm 600MM 1200MM distance between hob arbor &work arbor 5MM 10MM 25MM 125MM
Max. center distance between hob arbor & work arbor 150mm 225MM 500MM 750MM distance betweentable surface to center of hob 120MM 130MM 200MM 300MM
Max. Diameter of hob arbor 32MM 32MM 40MM 60MM
Mini. Dia of hob arber 20MM 20MM 25MM 40MM
Diameter of work arbor 15MM 20MM 25MM 50MM
Max. Height to be cut (Spur) 250MM 380MM 400MM 750MM
SPEEDS & FEEDS        
Number of the hob spindle speeds Three Three Three Three
Speed range 75 -300 RPM 60-240 RPM 50-200 RPM 25-100 RPM
Main drive motor 2 HP 1.5 KW 2HP1.5KW 3HP2.20KW 7.5Hp 5.50KW
Rapid feed motor .5HP 1.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Coolant motor 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/8HP
Electric motor A.C 400/440 3Phase 50 Cycles      
Machine Lamp Ac 24 V 50 Cycles      
L*B*H 54"x30"x72" 68"x43"x80" 88"x48"x87" 155"x62"x155"
WEIGHT 1500Kg 2400Kg 4200Kg 12000Kg