Specializing in the production of tartaric acid products

The company has a high quality, strong research and development capability and production of experienced professional and technical team, advanced production equipment, detection means perfect, Products indicators in line with a number of international standards
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History, more dynamic tartaric acid manufacturer

Hangzhou Regin Bio-tech Co.,Ltd.Founded in 1989, is specialized in the production of tartaric acid products manufacturers, but also domestic earlier in the tartaric acid production enterprises, so far, 27-year history, the main products DL- tartaric acid, L - (+) tartaric acid, tartaric acid potassium and sodium, potassium hydrogen tartrate, etc., are exported to Europe, America, Asia, many countries and regions of non several continents, it is the world's manufacturer of tartaric acid series.

Regin history. Today, the scale of 150 tons from the early days of a small factory, has grown to the size of the annual output of 20,000 tons of tartaric acid series of professional products manufacturers, 2010 sales exceeded one billion.

Regin more dynamic. Grew up in the era of reform and opening up under the background of the Swiss crystal, always maintained a strong ability to innovate. In nearly 27 years of development history, Regin people always uphold the "people-oriented, self-development, pragmatic innovation, overlooking the future," the purpose of development and degree of social responsibility, always pursue the "pioneering spirit, and constantly go beyond" business philosophy, take a road of innovation in line with their own development. Not only has a professional team, but also with the National Zhejiang University and other institutions of higher learning established close relations school-enterprise cooperation and constant innovation carrier construction, promote the combination of industry is the industry pioneer and technological achievements conversion; has a commitment "863" plan, national projects and Zhejiang provincial scientific and technological projects of major projects and other green chemicals, Zhejiang Province Science and technology progress award 1, Zhejiang Province, new products, new technology to identify four to prepare revised national industry standard 4 core patents 3.

Adhering to the "Quality from the management, sincere service forever," the quality and "good faith" business purposes, Regin people always believe that only pragmatic innovation, integrity management, to go further. Regin sincerely welcome friends to visit the guide, to establish mutual trust and mutually beneficial long-term stable cooperative relations, to create, to build a win-win, shared brilliant future!

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